UV Disinfectant Multi function Box

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UV Disinfectant Multi function Box

  • ELIMINATES 99.9% OF GERMS IN 5 MINUTES – High-efficiency UV Sterilizer kills 99.9% germs that live on the surface of your phone and other small accessories and gadgets.
  • ULTRAVIOLET-C STERILIZATION – UV-C light breaks down the germ DNA on the surface of your phone and with a special reflective surface disinfects your phone and accessories from all sides, and leaves them smelling fresh after every cycle.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL STERILIZATION – UV Sterilizer quickly disinfects small accessories and gadgets like smartphones, face masks, watches, beauty tools, baby products, cash, eye-glasses, earphones, rings and other jewellery.
  • Rapid Disinfection, Fresh Fragrance, 360° Surface Sterilization, Destroy Germ DNA.


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