ProAVmart Savocare Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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ProAVmart Savocare Automatic  Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a high-quality product, comes with innovative and segment-first features.


✔ Designed, Engineered and Made in India product. 

✔ Capacity: 1000ml

✔ Dual Power Mode: 5V DC Adapter and 4xAA Batteries

✔ Installation: Table Top and Wall Mount both

✔ Warranty: 1 Year

✔ Sanitizer Type: Liquid type only


★Key Features:

Calibrated Dispensing with 4 Digital Settings: 0.75ml to 1.75ml personalized flow settings.

First in a Segment – Intelligent Self Calibration; No False Detection; Works on All Surfaces

Compact, Portable design; Intuitive & Ergonomic

Wall Mount or Table Top; no additional accessories needed

Medical Grade Pump and Alcohol Compatible Components

Reliable & Safe Performance

Medical Grade Pump
Medical grade pump which is compatible with high alcohol content. Zero-contamination to your sanitizer liquid which prevents harmful reaction with your skin.
Alcohol Compatible
All components coming in contact with alcohol content are scientifically chosen to prevent chemical reaction to form harmful by-products which can be dangerous for user’s health and safety.
Built for Durability
World class electronics and components with minimal failure chances. High-grade ABS plastic body which will last for longer and keep performing optimally.
No False Detection
Thanks to high-accuracy smart sensor technology, false object detection is completely eliminated. This assures zero liquid wastage. .

More Savings, Zero Wastage

4 Digital Flow Settings
Personalized dispensing volume settings (.75ml, 1.0ml, 1.5ml & 1.75ml) based on requirement.
Calibrated Dispensing
Calibrated amount is dispensed every time as per the user setting.

.75 to 1.75ml

Calibrated Settings



Savings per Month*

Flexible Power Options

Keeping flexibility of usage in various use-cases and applications, we have given dual power mode options.

DC 5V Adapter
High quality CE certified 5V 1A power adapter supplied in the box with surge protection.
4 X AA Batteries
Works with 4 regular AA size batteries. Low-battery indication is also provided



Dispenses with fully charged batteries
Smart Sleep Mode

Saves Battery when idle for longer duration.

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